Louis Fortier

Louis Fortier



Louis Fortier was born on June 19, 1946 in Saint-Sauveur, a working-class district of Quebec's Lower Town. Self-taught artist and committed citizen, he believed that beauty improves people's quality of life and makes the earth livable. He died in March 2000 in Quebec. Fortier’s painting spans nearly 25 years and is divided into short periods, each made up of some twenty significant paintings. Self-taught, going from the figurative to the non-figurative, Fortier defines himself as an "illuminator", who lets light prevail on the form or the subject at all times. In his work as a painter, Fortier was as interested in natural spaces as in urban architecture, painting mountains and lakes surveyed with his friend Arthur Genest as well as the windows and houses of Saint-Sauveur. Around 1987, he chose to abandon the paintbrushes for the aerosol can, which allowed him to build amazing imaginary landscapes.


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