Our philosophy

Our origins

Le Local 1160 inc. is a new company founded in the summer of 2018 by two entrepreneurs from the tourism sector of the Quebec City area:

Marie-Elsa Proulx and

Marc Duchesne.

Le Local's offer is defined into four major aspects:

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Le Local cares about the environment and wants to prove that also businesses can do better to reduce their ecological footprint. What better approach than to preach by example!











At Le Local, we apply
the concept of 5 Rs :


Refuse what you don't need;

Reduce the consumption of unnecessary goods ;

Re-use everything that can have a second life;

Recycle what is impossible to refuse,
reduce or re-use ;

[Rot] Making compost with the different
organic waste  . 


At Le Local we sort all the waste in order to drastically reduce its volume. And it works! We only use reusable or at least compostable containers.


Our suppliers are selected based on their efforts put in towards the environment. Even at time of planning the layouts of Le Local before opening, several elements of the former clothing store located in the same room were integrated in the new set up.


And of course most of the furniture and equipment were purchased from second hand.


At Le Local, we always use fresh products from local producers and artisans, who are concerned about the environment.


That way, our guests can enjoy authentic and trendy flavors, fresh coffee & beverages, crepes & sandwiches, treats and other specialty products to be consumed on site or to go.



At Le Local, we want to exhibit local artists & artisans’ know-how and creations. So we decided to use all our walls to showcase their paintings and illustrations!


All the works presented are available for sale or can simply be admired while enjoying a good coffee.



Because our region has so much to offer; because our passion is our region, Le Local acts as an ambassador and offers recommendations for activities and experiences to live in the beautiful Quebec City area.


Take advantage of our expert concierge's favorites and see Quebec from another angle.